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When Should Treatment Begin?

Although there is no age limit for those who can benefit from orthodontic treatment, the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that children have a comprehensive examination by age 7. This allows the doctor to plan a course of treatment that will be most effective with the least amount of time and expense. Adults can benefit from treatment at any age, and make up over 25% of our practice.

Complimentary Exams

We invite you to "Come Smile with Us." Please call to schedule your complimentary examination.

Treatment Schedule

At the initial consultation the doctor will get acquainted with you, discuss your immediate concerns and evaluate your orthodontic needs. If clinical findings warrant treatment, then complete diagnostic records are the next step.

A detailed case presentation will be scheduled as needed following the records appointment to discuss your individualized treatment program. Since no two smiles are exactly alike, no two treatment plans are either.

Starting active treatment requires a few longer visits for appliance placement. Thereafter, shorter arch wire change and adjustment appointments will follow at 6-8 week intervals for the anticipated term of treatment.

Growth Recall Program

If it is determined after the initial consultation that no treatment is necessary at this time, the patient will be placed into our Growth Recall Program. Throughout this program, the child's dental and jaw development are monitored until the optimal stage has been reached to begin active treatment.

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